Celebrating Valentine's Day With Emma Wallace

Celebrating Valentine's Day With Emma Wallace

Hey Lovers, Valentine's Day is just around the corner and we want to help you express your love and admiration for the special someone in your life with a thoughtful and stylish gift. Ladies this is your sign to forward this blog to your clueless fella, the Galentine in your life or save for a reminder to get yourself something just for you. Here is our Emma Wallace Valentines Gift guide:

Emma Silk Eye Mask 

Eye Mask

Can you really go wrong with a silk eye mask? No matter your partner’s style or vibe, a 100% silk eye mask is appreciated by everyone at every age! The Emma Silk eye masks are equally sexy, with a 100% silk touch, and cosy, sporting a cushioned padding. Each style comes with an additional eye mask bag which can be reused as its own silk pouch around the home for jewellery, cotton pads, ribbons etc. The silk styles vary from bold prints in the red Rouge and the Aila print to softer delicate prints, like the Gillian and Hilary colourways. A gift for everyone that you can tailor to your special someone- simply choose the style made for them and get it ordered already!

Valentine Date Night OOTD

Nyx Gown

Flowers? Check. Dinner date? Booked. Outfits planned?... hmm. Hit the romantic nail on the head this year and pre order a special dress for your date to wear on the special night. How romantic! After booking an intimate night together, start the date off with the perfect gift wrapped present for any fashion focused girlie- a beautiful new outfit. The perfect dress for a special occasion such as this is the elegant one shoulder piece in passionate pink, the Nyx Gown. A dress worthy of such a jaw dropping date, even if the dinner reservations are in your own dining room whilst the kids are asleep… who says you can't dress up for each other!

Rouge gifts

Rouge Gift Set

Nothing says Valentine's like the colour red, and nothing says sexy like silk. Combine the two with the divine rouge Emma Silk Cami and shorts Pyjamas, silk eye mask and matching scrunchie, available together in a limited gift set. A perfect gift to be worn as interpreted by the recipient- as the most beautiful silk sleeping set or out and about, styling the cami with jeans and the scrunchie; or popping the shorts over a red bikini on holiday! This is a wonderful and adaptive gift for your partner to really experiment with, to bed and beyond!



This is a great gift idea, but you have to get it right. First thing’s first- does your significant other wear gold or silver? It is almost always one or the other, and this one question is fundamental in getting the right jewellery gift… so do your homework! Astrid and Miyu feature some classic simple pieces you can’t go wrong with, perfect for your partner who is more paired back and wears a single simple piece at a time, or an ideal addition to those who stack up jewellery when they wear it for a dramatic effect. From dainty pendants to chunky rope inspired pieces, these are great for every styling option and jewellery is always a timeless Valentines Gift.

This Valentine's Day, surprise the fashion-forward woman in your life with a gift that reflects her impeccable style. Remember, the key lies in selecting something that resonates with her individual taste and preferences. We've done the hard work for you, all we need you to do is simply tailor these choices to the special person in your life- simple! Happy Valentines, fill the day with love not just for your special romantic someone, but for all those special people in your life too.

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