A Guide to Kicking Off 2024

A Guide to Kicking Off 2024

As another year is about to come to a close, it's the perfect time for some reflective journaling and intention setting to MANIFEST magic in the new one. Whether you're a seasoned journaling pro or just starting to explore the practice, I hope you'll find these prompts helpful for the transitional period ahead. Journaling is a simple yet powerful tool for cultivating self-awareness, clarity and personal growth. The act of writing meditatively allows us to surface insights and intentions that can guide us forward.

Year in Review

Take time to be grateful for 2023 experiences. Recall lessons learned about yourself or others. Jotting down key themes in a few words can help crystallise takeaways.
Prompt 1: What are your biggest takeaways of this year?
Prompt 2: How have you grown or changed in the past 12 months?


Take a moment to reflect on how you showed up for yourself this past year. Note what nurturing activities supported your mental, physical and emotional wellbeing.
Prompt 1: What are some ways you practised self-care in 2023?
Prompt 2: How can you further prioritise your needs and happiness in 2024?

Letter to your future self

This is optional. But trust me, your future self will thank you. On a piece of paper, write to yourself. Express hopes, share wisdom gained, outline goals and reminders on self-care. You might want to seal it for your future reading.
Prompt 1: What advice or encouragement would you offer yourself for the coming year?
Prompt 2: How will you practise more self-love and compassion in 2024?



Close your eyes and visualise radiant health - both physical and mental. What routines support your wellbeing? Write values and specific habits serving your goals.
Prompt : Describe what a typical day might look like for your best self.

Balance & Recharging

Make a point to recharge your energy levels through balanced daily routines. Consider a weekly schedule allowing focus on restorative activities, creativity and relationships.
Prompt 1: How will you incorporate more downtime and activities you find energising?
Prompt 2: What are some small shifts you can make to prevent burnout?

I hope these prompts have inspired you to think deeply about how you can close out this year strong while also consciously crafting your best self for the new one. Journaling regularly is a gift that will keep on giving as it cultivates presence, gratitude and clarity. Wishing you a magical end to 2023 and here's to an even brighter 2024 ahead. Thank you for letting me share in your journey!


Bernice Li 

Co-founder of SoleSoul Club, guest writer for the year-end edition

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