5 Egg-Citing Easter Beauty Looks To Master At Home

5 Egg-Citing Easter Beauty Looks To Master At Home

Whilst this Easter may not be the celebration we had originally planned, with more hours at home there has never been a better time to experiment with a pastel palette that draws inspiration from the season. 

To mark the occasion, this week we are sharing five of our favourite beauty looks that will have you jumping through the weekend with more bounce than the Easter bunny!

Here’s our must-try make-up ideas…they’re almost as good as chocolate…almost.

Mini-Egg Manicure

Easter simply isn’t Easter without a generous helping of Cadbury’s Mini Eggs. Not only are they delicious, but they are the perfect muse for your nails! Start off with painting each nail in a different pastel perfect shade – a mix of pistachio, lemon, lilac and soft pink. Once dry, use a dark bronzed metallic colour and dash on speckles to create that Mini Egg effect. If freehand proves tricky, then try a stamping plate with a pre-prepped design for nails that look good enough to eat!

Pastel Ombre Cut Crease Cutie

Channel a pretty pastel Easter egg with this blended colour pop look that is guaranteed to have all eyes on you. Mix up metallic white, green and pink eyeshadow shades to give the illusion of Easter springing to life. Pair with a soft, subtle pink blush to your cheeks and a clear lip gloss to finish off the look.

Bunny Ears Grow Up

Whilst we encourage wearing full bunny ears at any age, for those seeking a more mature take on the trend then bow scrunchies give the cheeky hint of ears without feeling fancy dress. Wear the bow high on the top of your head with loose, messy waves for the coolest effect.

Easter Eyebrows

Not one for the feint hearted, this trend is the ultimate showcase for the artists out there. Whether you opt to depict an elaborate Easter egg hunt above your brow or go for a full-on bunny or chick motif, this is your time to bring the celebratory day to life through the medium of make-up.

Daisy Chain Shadow

If Easter Eyebrows have you running scared, then a more subtle splash of yellow adds a touch of the moment and brightens the eyes in an instant. Channel the cutest daisy chain and blend white with a soft lemon hue or go full on chirpy chick and opt for a vibrant egg yolk shade that is guaranteed to make your peepers pop!

So, what are you waiting for? Bring out your creative side and don’t forget to tag us in those make-up selfies!

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