How To Boost Your Wellbeing For Fall - Natural Remedies To Re-Energise Your Mind, Body & Soul

How To Boost Your Wellbeing For Fall - Natural Remedies To Re-Energise Your Mind, Body & Soul

As a new season sets in, the changing weather and darkness can leave us feeling fragile and fatigued. This week we’re giving you some top tips on boosting your wellbeing for Autumn. Energise yourself and get ready to see off 2020 in style!

Ramp It Up With Ruby

Crystal healing has moved into the mainstream with many citing the energetic power of these beautiful minerals. Having taken millions of years to form underground it is believed that these gems hold energies that have incredible properties for our mind and body. Specifically look to Ruby which is an energizing crystal that’s great for overcoming lethargy and exhaustion. Hold it close to your heart and, with its warming red hue, it will stimulate life-force energy (chi), ground you to the Earth, all whilst giving your vitality a boost!

Action Adaptogens

If you’re experiencing daily exhaustion without cause, then you may be suffering from Adrenal fatigue. The stress of daily life can set off our adrenal glands which regulate our fight or flight response and can leave us out of balance. The end result? Fatigue! To help beat this, try adaptogenic herbs, which help regulate and balance the body's natural stress response. For example, taking a teaspoon of Maca twice a day can do wonders for tiredness and help you to feel aligned and energised.

Light Up In The Morning

Light that emits cooler blue tones or is similar to natural daylight provides a stimulus similar to a strong cup of coffee, helping you to feel refreshed and more alert. When you are exposed to this light within the first one or two hours of waking, it helps to support your circadian rhythm which helps to reinforce your sleep pattern and provide you with more energy overall.

Hydrate To Heal

If you’re dehydrated, then tiredness and fatigue will inevitable sneak in. Studies show that both focus and energy levels improve when we're drinking enough H20. Carry a water bottle and make sure you're filling it up again and again to keep those water levels up. Add a twist of lemon or infuse with fruit to add some flavour and keep it enticing!

Gear Up With Ginseng

Ginseng is an age-old cure for when you’re feeling run-down. It stimulates your nervous system and helps to protect your body from the ravages of stress. Perfect for these trying times when everyday feels uncertain and life has become confusing! Look for a supplement containing at least 4 percent ginsenosides and take two 100-milligram capsules daily.

Exhaustion is one of those things that can often feel permanent—especially during this time of year. However, with these handy hints you’ll be able to beat the fatigue and get ready to enjoy the season feeling bright, happy and healthy.

Stay safe and stylish!

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